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From the time you leave elementary school, your waking experience is devoted to taking control of your identity – to becoming who you choose to be. I offer a broad palette of services to assist you.

All of life’s challenges involve a crisis of identity. Those challenges may arise from conflict or from misunderstanding. They may involve pain and frustration. But the deeper the crises, the more personal strength is gained from mastery of the challenge.

A challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

At Hypnosis Rising, Brian uses unique methods to help you seize those opportunities. The most important is renewing your relationship with your oldest, dearest friend – your subconscious.

From there, we’ll strengthen your virtues. That may be as simple as, after a car crash, remembering why you once drove with confidence. Through hypnotherapy and hristotherapy, you’ll strengthen those virtues, and learn life’s most important skill: how to heal yourself.

Call me for a free consultation. Together we’ll build a self-empowerment plan, reminding you in the first session to feel well in your skin, and then encourage the best of you to rise to the surface.

Let’s Bring Your Whole Self to Life!

Note: Hypnotherapy is possible over phone and Skype. I can work with clients anywhere in the world.