To be Whole is to be Healed.

Your mind has two parts. You were not born with that division – you choose it when you realized that family and society made competing demands.

The subconscious mind secures survival. The conscious mind cultivates community. Mental conflict arises when conscious and subconscious goals are incompatible. Hristotherapy (an innovation in hypnotherapy) restores harmony by helping the conscious mind to understand and respect subconscious needs, while liberating the subconscious from limiting beliefs.

Overcome fear, compulsion, anxiety, suffering, and self-doubt. Receive calm, integrity, balance, freedom, and self-esteem.

This is our credo:

  • To be loved is to be known.
  • To have meaning is to love.

Use the strength gained through adversity as the foundation of your character. Then shine the light of your freedom into the world.

“I am a hypnoguru – I support my clients as they reach for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. My skills are not just practical – I understand the psychology and psychic principles at play in mental wellness.”


The practical methods used by hypnotherapists are powerful and broad, but often dismissed because the foundations were not scientifically justified. With the acumen of a Ph.D. Physicist, Brian has plumbed those foundations to their depths. In his blog you will find encouragement and insights that empower you to take control of your journey to mental balance.

The Pain of Being Right
The Pain of Being Right

We are social creatures: our survival depends upon the reliability of our partners. Unfortunately, “reliability” is a contingent quality. Every display of support for us is an advertisement. Some onlookers might offer a greater reward, others might seize by force....

Complementary Attachment
Complementary Attachment

The human mind is amazing, beautiful, and humbling. Amazing in its ability to generate effective behavior amidst a tidal flood of information. Beautiful in the simplicity of its strategies for both growth and healing. Humbling because the choices we make linger long...

Hypnotherapy for Sleep
Hypnotherapy for Sleep

If you are sleeping less than seven hours a night, you are probably suffering from sleep deficit. This is linked to poor judgment, irritability, and dementia.   An inability to fall asleep usually indicates poor sleep hygiene. Sleep allows the subconscious mind to...

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