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From the time we leave elementary school, our waking experience is devoted to taking control of our identity – to becoming who we choose to be. A crisis of identity is central to all of life’s challenges. Those challenges may arise from conflict or from misunderstanding. They may involve pain and frustration. But the deeper the crisis, the more personal strength is gained from mastery of the challenge.

“I am a hypnoguru – I support my clients as they reach for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. My skills are not just practical – I have a good understanding of the psychology and psychic principles at play in mental wellness.”


Hypnotherapy is the Swiss Army knife of holistic health. Here I outline common situations that I encounter in my practice. If you have questions about your particular needs or would like to schedule a consultation, reach out!

Relationship Recovery

When we struggle to create a satisfying relationship, often that is because we assume that relationships are like friendships. Actually, those are two different things. We seek people like us in friendships, and people that complement us in relationships.


Connection to Wellness

Loneliness hurts – in our stomachs, hearts, and minds. We question ourselves: “Why don’t people like me?” To build connections, the outgoing promote themselves, the thoughtful become indispensable at work. Both strategies can upend existing relationships, in the worst-case causing others to close ranks against us.


Finding Virtue In Loss

Following loss, natural grief (the five steps described by Kubler-Ross) erases old behaviors, preparing us to build new relationships. That is to discard valuable life experience.


Sleep for Success

Productive sleep is the foundation of sustainable living. During deep sleep, the body rests and repairs while memories are integrated. During dreams, we do our best out-of-the-box thinking, resolving fears and embracing hopes. Unfortunately, those benefits depend upon mental balance that can be disrupted by stress and diet.


Partnership for Health

Illness and injury almost always occurs where we suppress the expression of need. That may seem surprising, because most of our physical functions occur in the hidden recesses of the subconscious. But when we bite our tongue and think “this is breaking my back,” the subconscious channels our emotional and mental distress into the back, creating tightness, atrophy, and misalignment that lead to injury.


Spring of Life

The universal wound is the split in the mind, around eight years of age, driven by conflict between expectations for our private and public behaviors. Once we have attained physical security, we have the opportunity to seek integrity – a harmonious partnership between conscious and subconscious minds.



It is not fair, but when we find ourselves narrowly escaping danger, the subconscious mind tends to believe that the waking mind was not paying enough attention. 


Brian Balke, Hypnotherapist

Every journey into healing and strength involves humor, patience and hope. Hypnosis Rising offers a warm and welcoming environment to unleash those qualities. Each session is about you, your journey, and promotes your sense of accomplishment.

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The practical methods used by hypnotherapists are powerful and broad, but often dismissed because the foundations were not scientifically justified. With the acumen of a Ph.D. Physicist, Brian has plumbed those foundations to their depths. In his blog you will find encouragement and insights that empower you to take control of your journey to mental wellness.

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