Free your Mind.

Open your Heart.

Bring your Whole Self to Life.

Take refuge in love – transform challenge to strength.

Peace of mind is a harmony arising when all parts of the mind are open to collaboration. This is the profound promise of hypnotherapy.

Conversely, loss of mental balance starts small, but if not addressed leads into every area of life – including addictions, mystery illness, chronic pain, and loss of motivation.

At Hypnosis Rising I practice a unique therapeutic method called hristotherapy that unifies the mind to establish inner peace. On that journey, you will learn to call upon the mental assets most essential to success in each aspect of your life.

Bring your whole self to life! Reach out to Hypnosis Rising to restore balance and find lasting joy.

“I am a hypnoguru – I support my clients as they reach for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. My skills are not just practical – I understand the psychology and psychic principles at play in mental wellness.”


The practical methods used by hypnotherapists are powerful and broad, but often dismissed because the foundations were not scientifically justified. With the acumen of a Ph.D. Physicist, Brian has plumbed those foundations to their depths. In his blog you will find encouragement and insights that empower you to take control of your journey to mental balance.

Faith in Recovery
Faith in Recovery

We know the value of virtue when it shines into our lives. Those that bring that grace, however, often fail to realize how important it is to turn that light inward. That oversight allows corruption to take root in the darkness. My client – “Gustav” below – was a 51...

Partnership for a Healthful Diet
Partnership for a Healthful Diet

Weight control is considered among the most demanding applications of hypnotherapy. Nutrition and portion sizes are established in childhood while the body is growing and frequently engaged in exercise. In adulthood, workplaces are designed for efficiency, and...

Play (Seriously)
Play (Seriously)

While most of us would prefer to be happy rather than anxious, we should admit that happy can be a lazy place to be. Our most creative moments are moments of play, when we shift rapidly between happy and anxious. The difficulty arises when we have a source of stress...

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