Hypnotherapy isn’t mind control, it’s a conversation with your oldest, dearest friend – your subconscious (the part of your mind that takes over when you’re preoccupied). As a scientist and empath, I guide that conversation by blending the sophisticated hypnotic techniques taught at America’s oldest accredited college of hypnotherapy. For the concerns that I can address, hypnotherapy is far faster than talk therapy.

If you want to tidy up your personality, hypnotherapy is for you. Some come to get control over unwanted habits, nagging worries, irrational fears, or low self-esteem. What’s common to all of those is building a stronger self-concept. That starts in the waking mind, but once it is accepted by the subconscious, that desired self will build connections to your problem thinking and bring it under control.

I am your guide on that journey, combining insights from psychology, spirituality, physiology, philosophy and sociology to help you refine your sense of self, preparing you to put your best foot forward. Hypnosis is a tool that facilitates subconscious acceptance of that new image, preparing every part of you to allow it to manifest.

Don’t sell yourself short. Your potential is far greater than the problems you face. Let me help you bring your genie out of the bottle.

Call me for a free consultation. Together we’ll build a self-improvement plan, reminding you in the first session to feel well in your skin, and then encourage the best of you to rise to the surface.

Let’s Bring Your Whole Self to Life!

Note: Hypnotherapy is possible over phone and Skype. I can work with clients anywhere in the world.

In guiding me past internal blocks, Brian combined hypnosis, dream interpretation and engaged his understanding of Eastern mysticism. He helped me celebrate my past as well as focus on success in the future.  The results were outstanding!

D.R. – Business Coach

I had become frustrated with negative self talk which I felt was limiting my outlook and success. I was also hanging on to some memories of the past that were holding me back. Ultimately, I had run into into some road blocks with my mindset around personal growth and career aspirations. Hypnotherapy has helped give me a renewed sense of life and myself. Most of all it has helped me move past the some of the obstacles that were limiting my perspective on life to help me move forward.

Paul K.