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Loss of mental balance starts small, but if not addressed leads into every area of our life – including addictions, mystery illness, chronic pain, and loss of motivation. At Hypnosis Rising I practice a unique therapeutic method called hristotherapy that unifies the conscious and subconscious minds to restore mental balance. On that journey, I’ll teach you skills that you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

Don’t count your mind out. Reach out to Hypnosis Rising to restore balance and rediscover joy!

“I am a hypnoguru – I support my clients as they reach for mental, physical and spiritual wellness. My skills are not just practical – I understand the psychology and psychic principles at play in mental wellness.”


The practical methods used by hypnotherapists are powerful and broad, but often dismissed because the foundations were not scientifically justified. With the acumen of a Ph.D. Physicist, Brian has plumbed those foundations to their depths. In his blog you will find encouragement and insights that empower you to take control of your journey to mental wellness.

Finding Your Balance
Finding Your Balance

If you walked on your hands, would you say that you were sick if you fell over? Of course not! It’s just hard to balance that way. This analogy illustrates how hypnotherapy helps those with anxiety, insomnia, or lost motivation. Among all the mental wellness arts, it...

Healing Inside the Box
Healing Inside the Box

The US military has a fragile relationship with the mental health industry. The conditions of employment are mentally debilitating, and loss of fortitude carries large costs – both operationally and institutionally. Thus the military invests both in instilling courage...

Healing without the Trauma
Healing without the Trauma

Healing from trauma is learning that you have a choice. At Hypnosis Rising, that choice starts in hypnosis with a deep and grateful connection to your body. It builds with giving yourself permission to be "the god(ess) of you." And it is cemented by focusing that...

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