About Brian

Every journey into healing and strength involves humor, patience and hope. Hypnosis Rising offers a warm and welcoming environment to unleash those qualities. I’m not interested in demonstrations of hypnotic skill or psychological control. Each session is about you, your journey, and promotes your sense of accomplishment.

I am a charismatic personality. For those that don’t know the origin of that word, “charism” is a sacred gift. To be drawn to a charismatic person is to seek a sacred gift from them. Often that is misunderstood by both parties – they try to make the arrangement permanent. In my case, I understand that the gift was always meant for the recipient (my client). My goal is to make the exchange without delay so that we can both continue our journeys.


I am an intellectual whose experience proves that healing happens through the heart. My blog at everdeepening.org explores that truth, covering physics, philosophy, spirituality and politics. Mental rigor combined with compassion allows me to navigate sorrows that few others can bear. The certifications listed below provide me the tools to bear that witness gently, according to the client’s own right timing.

Upon mastering the skill of hypnosis, I realized that I had been hypnotizing people on dance floors for years. Joy seems to be the most hypnotic experience we know. My joy is rooted in Christian faith, justified in my book “The Soul Comes First.” While conversant in other traditions (including Buddhism and Islam), I credit my therapeutic intuition to the Holy Spirit.


Certified Hypnotherapist, Certificate #47191603, Hypnotherapists Union Local 472
EFT Advanced Practitioner
Usui Reiki Second Degree
Member, American Hypnosis Association


Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
Releasing Guilt and Shame
Body Syndromes
Hypnosis and PTSD
Phone and Skype Sessions
Hypnosis and Pain Management
Therapeutic Imagery Master
Pre- and Post-Surgery Hypnosis
Advanced EFT
Therapeutic Imagery Master
Smoking Cessation
Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
Hypnosis for Chronic Conditions
Hypnosis for Seniors
Hypnosis for Care Givers
Hypnotherapy for Alzheimer’s and Other Forms of Dementia
Emergency Hypnosis