Brian’s approach to hypnotherapy blooms from a powerful capacity to dispel negatives from shared psychological space. His abundant courage and unconditional love call forth buried strength. Through steady and patient nurturing, those strengths build until the client can take ownership of the future they seek.

Now practicing in Ventura, CA, Brian discovered his healing sensitivities at Five Rhythms dance celebrations. He first tBr0005whought of professional practice after sitting silently with a woman grieving her mother’s death. When the song ended, the lady testified “There’s a deep peace inside of you.”

That peace is rooted in a rationally justified Christian faith. While conversant in other traditions (including Buddhism and Islam), Brian credits his therapeutic intuition to the Holy Spirit.

In hypnotherapy, Brian is grateful to have discovered a universal method for sharing these two great gifts: peace and wisdom.

Concerning physics, philosophy, spirituality and politics, Brian has blogged for more than ten years, most recently at everdeepening.com and love-returns.org. Along with “The Soul Comes First,” a work of Christian apologetics, Brian has published two novels that mix elements of science fiction, fantasy and romance.


Certified Hypnotherapist, Certificate #47191603, Hypnotherapists Union Local 472
EFT Advanced Practitioner
Member, American Hypnosis Association


Hypnosis for Clients with Cancer
Releasing Guilt and Shame
Body Syndromes
Hypnosis and PTSD
Phone and Skype Sessions
Hypnosis and Pain Management
Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator
Pre- and Post-Surgery Hypnosis
Advanced EFT
Therapeutic Imagery Master
Smoking Cessation
Trauma Recovery Hypnosis