Hidden Messages

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When we write a letter, we are conscious of sharing our thoughts with our reader. When handwriting, though, we also express deep subconscious attitudes.

Sit down with a piece of paper in front of you. Before you write, you pick a tool, and even that choice reveals something. How nuanced are your views? Do they change depending upon the audience? How important are your emotions to full understanding? Pencil, ball-point, roller-ball and felt-tip all address those expressive needs in differing degrees.

Then starting in the space of imagination, you put pen to paper near the top and at the left – the edge closest to you. As you compose the first line, the pen moves away from you – extending thoughts to your reader even as time advances into the future. Line-by-line, the pen moves away from your head, down toward your body.

The spacing on the page represents the directness and solidity of your engagement: letters as regards your thinking, words as regards your relationships, lines as regards your community, margins as regards your life.

As with the page in the large, so with each letter in detail. Verticals join the various realms of being (thought, society and body). As they flow up and down, loops suggest the degree to which others are brought into those interactions (wider means greater openness). Ovals in the middle range reflect social interaction, and openings and little loops reveal the patterns of our communication. Are we more open one side or the other? Do we tend to filter? Bowls reveal openness to new ideas, and from what source (self or other). Leading strokes suggest the concreteness of the commitments that motivate communication, and trailing strokes the principal context for their expression.

Given the wealth of detail on the page, even from a few lines a skilled handwriting analyst can determine a great deal about the writer’s personality. What is shocking to realize is how much processing the subconscious is doing as you make each mark on the page, injecting deep concerns regarding acceptance, competence, and stability.

Are you feeling a sea change in your personality? Are you beset by mixed messages in your relationships? Do you want to communicate more effectively to a specific party? Do you want to understand their priorities?

Are you ready to address the gap between your conscious goals and subconscious motivations?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” contact me for a detailed handwriting analysis.


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