Hypnotherapy is the Swiss Army knife of holistic health. Here I outline common situations that I encounter in my practice. If you have questions about your particular needs or would like to schedule a consultation, reach out!

Relationship Recovery

When we struggle to create a satisfying relationship, often that is because we assume that relationships are like friendships. Actually, those are two different things. We seek people like us in friendships, and people that complement us in relationships.

That predisposition arises early in our lives, in memories locked in our subconscious. In these sessions, I will explain relationship complementarity, empowering you to project your contributions with confidence. In hypnosis we will soften defensiveness carried over from pass disappointments, build intuition to protect you from future wounds, and reconnect to the tender and subtle energies of intimacy.

Connection to Wellness

Loneliness hurts – in our stomachs, hearts, and minds. We question ourselves: “Why don’t people like me?” To build connections, the outgoing promote themselves, the thoughtful become indispensable at work. Both strategies can upend existing relationships, in the worst-case causing others to close ranks against us. Our attempts to prove that we are worthy of attention can lead to greater loneliness and self-doubt.

In these sessions, we will work to remove the ‘L’ from ‘Lonely.’ Your oldest, dearest friend is your subconscious. In turning inward during hypnosis, you will rekindle that relationship, remembering what motivated the development of your virtues and celebrating the strength created from that partnership. You will become more ‘Onely’ – confident and in touch with yourself.

With that established, we will survey your most prized moments and celebrate the virtues they reflect. Hypnosis and dreams will be used to encourage the subconscious to focus on opportunities to share those virtues in service to others, dousing the fire of self-doubt and kindling the flame of social connection.

Finding Virtue in Loss

Following loss, natural grief (the five steps described by Kubler-Ross) erases old behaviors, preparing us to build new relationships. That is to discard valuable life experience.

Loss implies lack of something that we depended upon. Often that resource was connected to our habits, and it is the disruption of those habits that makes loss confusing and demoralizing. But that is also the value of loss: it focuses our awareness of the resources provided by others, and thus guides us into understanding that empowers us to be more intentional in our relationships.

Through these sessions, you will take a journey toward understanding of how virtue moves through your life – both how you express virtue and how you reward virtue in others. That will be supported by hypnotherapy and home practice that releases the physical, mental, and spiritual resources needed to move from loss into growth.


It is not fair, but when we find ourselves narrowly escaping danger, the subconscious mind tends to believe that the waking mind was not paying enough attention. Intruding more and more into our waking lives, it restlessly scans for threats, and uses panic as the universal method for ensuring our safety. This is a frustration to the waking mind, which sees the benefits lost when we cannot get into an elevator or airplane. In these sessions, we will engage the subconscious to sell the benefits of calm, explain how you will avoid future danger, and establish an agreement to consult the waking mind before running off into panic.

Sleep for Success

Productive sleep is the foundation of sustainable living. During deep sleep, the body rests and repairs while memories are integrated. During dreams, we do our best out-of-the-box thinking, resolving fears and embracing hopes. Unfortunately, those benefits depend upon mental balance that can be disrupted by stress and diet.

In these sessions, you will learn about sleep process, and we will evaluate your sleep routine. We will use hypnosis to assure the subconscious – the part of the mind that takes over during sleep – that its efforts are aligned with your goals. Between sessions, various journaling techniques will allow you to facilitate that dialog each night. If the return messages are obscure, I can guide you into dream incubation and analysis.

Partnership for Health

Illness and injury almost always occurs where we suppress the expression of need. That may seem surprising, because most of our physical functions occur in the hidden recesses of the subconscious. But when we bite our tongue and think “this is breaking my back,” the subconscious channels our emotional and mental distress into the back, creating tightness, atrophy, and misalignment that lead to injury.

In these sessions, we will disentangle the mental, spiritual, and physical factors that have developed into illness or injury. In hypnosis, the waking mind will take ownership of its responsibilities, and the subconscious will be advised how medical care will support recovery. Sometimes that will include preparing it for invasive procedures (surgery or chemotherapy) that might otherwise be understood as assaults.

These sessions require consent from the prescribing doctor.

Spring of Life

The universal wound is the split in the mind, around eight years of age, driven by conflict between expectations for our private and public behaviors. Once we have attained physical security, we have the opportunity to seek integrity – a harmonious partnership between conscious and subconscious minds.

This is the work described in the Veda as mastery of the chakras. Having completed that journey and understanding the psychology of the chakras, I can help you take concrete steps to achieve integrity. Hypnosis is invaluable in communicating the process to the subconscious, allowing systematic advancement toward maturity where a guru would exhort the seeker to await “spiritual enlightenment.”

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