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Healing from Psychological Abuse

The hallmark of an abusive relationship is being told that you can only seek love from the abuser. For children, the abuser cultivates shame - the belief that something is wrong with the child. For adults, the abuser makes a series of escalating "me or them" ultimatums that narrow their victim's social circle until there… Continue reading Healing from Psychological Abuse


Lives in Both Directions

In her past-life regression (PLR) course, Michele Guzy invited Natalie Gianelli to channel the wisdom of Dr. Peebles, a historical figure who died in 1922. In the AHA pay-per-view course, the discussion of our era was fascinating: one participant asked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Peebles clarified that humanity is learning that fear is ineffectual.… Continue reading Lives in Both Directions

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Habit Management

How many things do you do without thinking about them? You might include “walking” and perhaps even “using a knife and fork.” But did you include adjusting your pulse rate and blood pressure when you exercise? Releasing fat for conversion to sugar in the liver? For all those things, you can thank your subconscious mind… Continue reading Habit Management

Active Aging, Specializations

Hypnotherapy in Later Life: Part 5

Life in Harmony Developed in the third quarter of the 20th century, the Ericksons’ Stages of Development end at age 65. Today if we live to 65, we have a 50% chance of living to 90. Given that nearly a third of life can be lived after retirement, we would expect to find stages on… Continue reading Hypnotherapy in Later Life: Part 5