Hypnosis for Discomfort – 1 of 4

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Hypnosis and Acute Injury

When my sons had a tumble out the playground, I would see them tighten up and suggest: “It’s OK. Just breathe, relax, breathe. Don’t hold on to the pain – let it pass through you.”

We all know that initial moment of physical insult. We stiffen up and try to figure out how serious the damage is. The body has reasons for that: as well as protecting us from further harm, a tight muscle resists the flow of blood. That limits bleeding.

But when the insult is over, that tension causes strain on the surrounding tissues. Not good. And eventually blood must flow to support healing. The sooner we release the tension, the faster we recover.

The sequence of reactions is managed by our subconscious. When properly prepared with hypnosis, those reactions can be fine-tuned for miraculous benefits. During surgery bleeding can be controlled, and the conscious mind focused on pleasing images that greatly reduce the need for anesthetics and pain medication.

In sports competition, anxious stiffness can be replaced with fluidity that allows maximum blood flow and thus maximum performance. And when an injury does occur, in hypnosis we can focus subconscious attention on the site of the injury. Soothing imagery (coolness, comfort, or control-room dials) can be used to release anxiety that heightens our pain. Healing imagery (light, warmth or harmonious vibration) can be used to prompt the flow of resources to promote recovery.

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