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by | Sep 10, 2018 | Events | 3 comments

With the support of Brian Chapman at Anacapa Office Furniture and the team at PTS Furniture, I’m blessed with a wonderful therapeutic space. Knick-knacks were gifted from my grandmother, collected from Taos on my 49th birthday, and acquired here and there on “random destination” vacations over the last five years. Steve Richardson contributed two paintings that capture my joy in life. “Green Peace” is evident here, but you’ll have to come in to see “Freedom from Association.”

I’m so pleased and proud to have this environment in which to fulfill my intention to channel peace and healing into the lives of my clients. Hope to see you there soon!


  1. heavenlyrevelationsfromdaddy

    Maybe a trip out will be in the future, nice space and this comes from an interior decorator in my PTSD days.

    • Brian Balke

      Thanks for the compliment. Clearly I was preparing for a long time to manifest this goal, and found myself surrounded by people who identified with the vision!

      • heavenlyrevelationsfromdaddy

        Good for you and I believe in you. I look forward to the hope you have found as I have looked for many years.

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