Therapeutic Imagery Master Certification

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Specializations | 0 comments

This weekend I completed Cheryl O’Neil’s Therapeutic Imagery Series. The series is an extended course in guided hypnotic journeys that allows the client’s subconscious mind to speak freely. The sequence of journeys builds strength and confidence in the mental landscape to facilitate the exposure of deep motivations with “Divine Timing” – that is to say, when the subconscious is confident that the waking mind will not become confused or debilitated.

The series spans the full kaleidoscope of life’s experiences: from relationships to grief to unmet goals to psychic connection. Many of the journeys are suitable for group sessions, an activity that I intend to make a cornerstone of my practice.

I am proud of the association with Cheryl, not least because of her demonstrative patience, warmth, and positivity.


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