Foundations and Practice

Seeking any type of support for mental wellness carries a stigma. My experience of hypnosis, however, is for liberation of hidden resources that improve life. Sharing that experience is the focus of my work as a hypnotherapist.

While I may start with a client in crisis, I am always pointing toward that outcome. I see crisis as an opportunity to build strength.

But the benefits are not limited to the client in crisis. Even for those whose lives are stable, in my practice I employ hristotherapy to integrate the personality, building self awareness and control that sweetens and deepens every experience in life. In achieving that, I integrate insights from psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

This book on Lay Hypnotherapy transmits the understanding and practices I use to achieve those ends.

While the content it copyrighted, I am publishing it here for free download. I can’t attach the resource library (which is a zip format). The scripts in particularly important for professionals. Contact me and I’ll send them via e-mail.

If you would like to contribute something in recognition of its value, send me a note through my contact page and I’ll send you an invoice for the amount you offer.

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