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Seeking any type of support for mental wellness carries a stigma. My experience of hypnosis, however, is for liberation of hidden resources that improve life. Sharing that experience is the focus of my work as a hypnotherapist.

While I may start with a client in crisis, I am always pointing toward that outcome. I see crisis as an opportunity to build strength.

But the benefits are not limited to the client in crisis. Even for those whose lives are stable, in my practice I employ hristotherapy to integrate the personality, building self awareness and control that sweetens and deepens every experience in life. In achieving that, I integrate insights from psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

This book on Lay Hypnotherapy transmits the understanding and practices I use to achieve those ends.

While the content it copyrighted, I am publishing it here for free download. I can’t attach the resource library (which is a zip format). The scripts in particularly important for professionals. Contact me and I’ll send them via e-mail.

If you would like to contribute something in recognition of its value, send me a note through my contact page and I’ll send you an invoice for the amount you offer.


  1. Daniel Nightingale

    In his book, Brian demonstrates his understanding of hypnotherapy and its core benefits for people with varying degrees of psychological challenges. He explains to the lay person some very important aspects of this form of healing art and I highly recommend it as an essential part of one’s library.

    • Brian Balke

      Thanks for the birthday present, Dr. Dan!


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