Personal Development: Part 2

Theory of Mind The mind is born with two responses to a threat: fight and flight, marshaled by the survival instinct in the primitive part of the brain. Fight and flight are meant to be temporary. In nature, the mind-body quickly returns to rest to heal, grow, and learn. The experiences that we survive without… Continue reading Personal Development: Part 2


War of the Psyche – 4 of 6

Hypnotherapy Helps the Warrior Heal When dealing with combat stress and its follow-on disorders, hypnotherapy is an adjunct to treatment by licensed clinicians - both psychologists and medical doctors. Further information on hypnotherapy and combat stress reactions and PTSD is here. A perspective on the psychic battle against death concludes this series. As a particle… Continue reading War of the Psyche – 4 of 6


Why Hypnotherapy – 1 of 2

Hypnotherapy helps us change our behavior. Why is that help necessary? It seems that when we realize that our behavior is hurting us, it should be easy to change our mind and act differently. But it’s not. The reason is that during elementary and middle school our mind breaks into two parts: the conscious and… Continue reading Why Hypnotherapy – 1 of 2