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The Whole Truth

The twentieth century was the age of commercialization. The century opened with industrialization that undermined agrarian independence and wrought destruction on a global scale. The tonic was the media revolution that eroded cultural disparities and gave the working class a voice. But the century closed with the digital age, allowing us to filter our realities… Continue reading The Whole Truth

Mind Management

Designed to Love

One of the keys to mental healing is the belief that experience has meaning. From my book, "The Foundations and Practice of Lay Hypnotherapy," I offer this insight: We hurt and then heal each other because we are still learning how to express our capacity to love. Transcript Hello, and welcome to this week’s… Continue reading Designed to Love

Book Reviews, Mind Management

Taught by the Children We Heal

When it was discovered that syphilis progressed to mental illness, psychiatry was grandfathered into medicine. Surgery and drugs became the preferred interventions. These were applied when the psychosis was fully evolved, as desperate measures for those that could no longer conform to social expectations, and thus endangered themselves and others. Application of these measures is… Continue reading Taught by the Children We Heal

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Healing from Psychological Abuse

The hallmark of an abusive relationship is being told that you can only seek love from the abuser. For children, the abuser cultivates shame - the belief that something is wrong with the child. For adults, the abuser makes a series of escalating "me or them" ultimatums that narrow their victim's social circle until there… Continue reading Healing from Psychological Abuse


War of the Psyche – 6 of 6

Victory Over Death In the era of Alexander the Great, conquest was used to propagate culture. In the terrifying era of battlefield massacre, wars were fought to preserve the nation-state. With the development of nuclear weaponry, finally civilized nations realized that military readiness must serve only one purpose: preservation of the peace. Peace is not… Continue reading War of the Psyche – 6 of 6