Mind Management

Quantum Time? Reversal!

In “The Cure Within,” Anne Harrington explored the narratives that have empowered the common wo/man to access the power of thought to heal the body. Universally, those narratives originated as rebellions against religious and medical conventions, and propagation was in the hands of a few charismatic individuals. Over time their published writings have given the… Continue reading Quantum Time? Reversal!


Lives in Both Directions

In her past-life regression (PLR) course, Michele Guzy invited Natalie Gianelli to channel the wisdom of Dr. Peebles, a historical figure who died in 1922. In the AHA pay-per-view course, the discussion of our era was fascinating: one participant asked about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Peebles clarified that humanity is learning that fear is ineffectual.… Continue reading Lives in Both Directions


Personal Development: Table of Contents

While we are all unique, life imposes certain facts upon us. We are born, grow, learn, create and relate to those around us. Each opportunity builds upon those that come earlier. For the fortunate, life becomes deeper and richer with age. For others, life is a rut that can't be escaped. In either case, just… Continue reading Personal Development: Table of Contents


Personal Development: Part 3

Path to Maturity In our last post, we offered a hypnotherapist's view of behavior development. Rather than looking at the subconscious mind as a seething cauldron of primitive instincts, the hypnotherapist sees it as your oldest, dearest friend. Its only concern is your survival and happiness. Problems arise, however, because: everyone else is trying to… Continue reading Personal Development: Part 3


Breathing Meditation

From the introduction: If spirituality is the negotiation of the boundaries between “I” and “we,” the purpose of breathing meditation is to clarify those boundaries. It is necessary because being born into a new life is an intensely shared experience, creating connections that make it difficult to know where we stop and another (initially mother)… Continue reading Breathing Meditation