Personal Development: Table of Contents

While we are all unique, life imposes certain facts upon us. We are born, grow, learn, create and relate to those around us. Each opportunity builds upon those that come earlier. For the fortunate, life becomes deeper and richer with age. For others, life is a rut that can't be escaped. In either case, just… Continue reading Personal Development: Table of Contents


Personal Development: Part 4

Survival During childhood, our survival depends upon our parents. Naturally, we have almost no control over what goes on around us. To grow out of that vulnerability, the child's brain is designed to take in everything, and then to learn to avoid conflict with our caregivers. Obviously that's easier if our parents are kind. That's… Continue reading Personal Development: Part 4


Confronting Death’s Psychic Epidemic

At the one-year anniversary of the Parkland assault, Nancy Pelosi warned President Trump that a Democratic president could use his declaration of emergency as a precedent to take unilateral action on gun control. This post describes my engagement on the problem, though from the perspective of someone who operates at the top of the maturity… Continue reading Confronting Death’s Psychic Epidemic


Personal Development: Part 3

Path to Maturity In our last post, we offered a hypnotherapist's view of behavior development. Rather than looking at the subconscious mind as a seething cauldron of primitive instincts, the hypnotherapist sees it as your oldest, dearest friend. Its only concern is your survival and happiness. Problems arise, however, because: everyone else is trying to… Continue reading Personal Development: Part 3