Introduction to Lay Hypnotherapy

Introduction to the book that I've started. Feedback is appreciated. Throughout my working life, I moved among people that the public characterizes as “geniuses.” Their skills were analysis, reason, and logic. They were the scientists who tried to explain events that we can’t see because they’re too small (inside atoms) or too far away (in… Continue reading Introduction to Lay Hypnotherapy

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Mental Wellness: From Theory to Practice

Dr. John Kappas, innovative genius and founder of America’s first accredited college of Hypnotherapy was an avowed behavioralist. Having surveyed the practice of psychiatry, he concluded that lay therapists, dedicated to the relief of client symptoms, were far more effective than the psychologists who tried to force their patients into theoretical boxes. But of course,… Continue reading Mental Wellness: From Theory to Practice

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Habit Management

How many things do you do without thinking about them? You might include “walking” and perhaps even “using a knife and fork.” But did you include adjusting your pulse rate and blood pressure when you exercise? Releasing fat for conversion to sugar in the liver? For all those things, you can thank your subconscious mind… Continue reading Habit Management


Clinical Hypnosis is not Hypnotherapy

When our health is threatened, we take extreme measures to protect and restore it. Staying alive, after all, is necessary to anything else. For this reason, when sick or injured we are vulnerable to deception and self-serving by those claiming to restore us to wellness. To the extent that wellness exists in the body, the… Continue reading Clinical Hypnosis is not Hypnotherapy