Smoking and Mental Wellness

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Active Aging | 0 comments

When the body sets out to decide what to carry forward in life, priority is given to what serves our physical well-being. What few of us understand is how carefully cigarettes are designed to break the bond between body and mind. While breathing slowly through a tube does provide some overall calming benefit, nicotine deadens our nerve endings and forces blood flow to our brain. Cigarettes also contain sugar, which gives a selfish brain a quick jolt while starving the rest of the body of nutrition.
Of course, that selfishness comes back to bite the brain later in life. Smoking is one of the primary predictors of cognitive decline.
Smoking cessation is a classic application of hypnotherapy, but “single session” programs rarely rebuild the collaboration between body and mind. I can guide you to that conclusion, helping to undo the damage done by cigarettes while stimulating the body to preserve the parts of the mind that bring deeper engagement with the world.

Your most important relationship is your relationship with yourself. If you have allowed cigarettes to disrupt it, let’s rebuild those bridges.


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