Hypnotherapy for Sleep

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If you are sleeping less than seven hours a night, you are probably suffering from sleep deficit. This is linked to poor judgment, irritability, and dementia.
An inability to fall asleep usually indicates poor sleep hygiene. Sleep allows the subconscious mind to take over to attend to our physical and mental well-being. When our conscious mind tries to squeeze every last moment from the day, that transition is disrupted.
In the middle of the night, waking to anxious thoughts indicates that the subconscious has hit a contradiction that it can’t resolve. Your conscious mind is invited to provide guidance or – in the worst case – an opportunity to escape while others are unable to interfere.
If you suffer from lack of sleep, contact me to learn how to recover peaceful and satisfying rest. Hypnosis allows me to explain what is going on to the subconscious mind. As part of the therapy, you will also be provided a sleep recording. Most clients return to normal rest by the third session – some even after the first!


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