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Radiance Projection for Community Wellness

Certain English words have features that capture moral principles. "EVIL" is "LIVE" spelled backwards. And in changing "I" to "WE" we make "illness" into "wellness." COVID-19 has socially isolated us, but in that isolation it unites us in a spiritual experience. This guided meditation is a means for turning that union toward protection and healing… Continue reading Radiance Projection for Community Wellness

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Sleeping Through COVID-19

The single most important factors in disease progression are sleep and diet. This has been proven in studies of influenza propagation. Those that properly attend to those aspects of their lifestyle are far less likely to become seriously ill. So if you're demanding that your body operate on 5-6 hours of sleep a night, STOP!… Continue reading Sleeping Through COVID-19

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Hypnosis in the Era of COVID-19

Pattern interrupt is a method for rapid hypnotic induction. Back before I knew what hypnosis was, I used it accidentally at ecstatic dances. I would leave space on the floor for my partner and then step in to block her way. When she went blank in the face I thought she had lost interest in… Continue reading Hypnosis in the Era of COVID-19

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Loving Placebo

Modern medicine’s attempts to reduce wellness to biology have created a gulf between the patient’s mind and body. In “Elderhood,” Louise Aronson attributes this to medical specialization and a focus on record-keeping that prevents the doctor from addressing the whole patient. In “Mind Fixers” Anne Harrington paints psychiatry in even darker colors, revealing how hubris,… Continue reading Loving Placebo