Bring Your Whole Self to Life

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WholenessWe all want to be whole. We want to bring our best and most complete self to everything we do. We seek fulfilment in all parts of our life.

But the world demands that we break our lives into parts: a part with friends, a part at home, a part at work, a part in bed, a part when we’re alone. We need to be a different person at different times and with different people.

Those demands create tensions in our bodies and minds that we can’t see, and often that we ignore. They come at us through body pains, anger and anxiety, or a need to escape. We treat them with passive entertainment, substance abuse, or attempts to control others.


Are You Ready for Change?

Hypnotherapy brings our hidden tensions into the light, allowing us to change our life without breaking it.

That knowledge allows us to build relationships around the goal of mutual support and joy. As our tensions melt away, the incredible healing powers of our body and mind take flight.


Such personal change is an inspiration for change in the world. We become part of a greater whole, rooted in the trust that is the foundation of courage.

The Hypnotist’s Contribution

The tools of the hypnotherapist are:Hypnosis

  • Listening – hearing your truth.
  • Dreams – the messages of our subconscious.
  • Hypnosis – a temporary and comfortable merging of the conscious and subconscious.
  • Life Skills Coaching – daily tools and habits that anchor positive change.
  • Collaboration – with licensed medical and mental health professionals.



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