Quarterbacking for Success

by | May 20, 2020 | Mind Management | 0 comments

In creating a successful life, a football offense is a good way of thinking about our minds. The quarterback has about as much strength, relatively speaking, as the chatty part of your mind that is “you.” The rest of your mind implements the plays that the quarterback calls: think of it as the linemen, running backs, and receivers.

Now the quarterback can think of himself as the head of the team, calling all the plays based upon his own judgment. That puts the burden of success on him. Or he could ask the other players what they think would work, expanding his intelligence and using their skills for the best effect.

That second option is the essence of hypnotherapy. In trance, your entire mind is united, allowing you to draw upon complete awareness of your strengths in the context of the opportunities before you, and thus to build an effective strategy for success.

Whether you are struggling with limitations or seeking to extend your potential, hypnotherapy can help you. Contact me to learn more. #success #potential #strengths #hypnosis #hypnotherapy #learning #skills #selfawareness


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