Befriending Your Subconscious

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Mind Management | 0 comments

Some hypnotherapy skeptics look at brain activity scans and ask “where is the subconscious?” That’s the wrong question, because your conscious mind is only a small part of your brain – some say less than 10%. The conscious mind resides in the prefrontal medial cortex – the part of your brain right behind your forehead. It contains your self-concept, and we spend most of our lives after childhood strengthening that part of our mind as it converts our primitive reactions to mature responses.

If you’d like to break out of your self-limiting beliefs and expectations; if you’d rather negotiate with yourself than argue with the “Dictator Within”; contact me to arrange a conversation with your subconscious. It is your oldest, dearest friend, and hopes for nothing more than for you to “Bring Your Whole Self to Life.”


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