Why the “Third Eye?”

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You may have seen people get “hacked” by a stage hypnotist. That is how many think about hypnotherapy. This video explain why I focus on strengthening the social identity, helping a client “Bring Your Whole Self to Life.” 


Have you ever seen a Hindu with a dot of red paint on their forehead? That seems like a freaky habit, but there is a reason they put it there. You see, right behind that “third eye” is the part of the brain that knows who we are. That part – the medial prefrontal cortex – spends all its time thinking about how we should act in the waking, social world.

That part of the brain is one of the last parts to develop in childhood. Prior to that, we just react to events to survive. As our “third eye” becomes stronger, we respond maturely to experience.

For too long, hypnotherapists have thought of themselves as working in the realm of primitive, childlike reactions. They go down to “hack” the subconscious. At Hypnosis Rising, I focus on strengthening the social identity. Together my clients achieve permanent solutions that lead to lasting joy and expanding opportunities.

Contact me if you are interested in “Bringing Your Whole Self to Life.”


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