Refuge of Love

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Sensitive people have a special kind of self-awareness. Others can abuse that – until we learn to love ourselves!


When my father was teaching me how to program, he would sneak into the office and sneeze loudly. My reaction might be familiar to anyone startled by a rider with straight pipes who guns his motorcycle as he passes. It feels like “jumping out of your skin.”
That made me angry, but I now appreciate the opportunity to remember the gifts that live inside me. I know how to “pull myself together.” I turn my attention inward and think “Well, that was exciting! Why don’t we settle down?”
If you have been living with chronic stress or trauma, that “walking on glass” feeling may be too familiar. It is like broken pieces of yourself are scattered all around. At Hypnosis Rising, therapy is a refuge of love in which you can locate, gather, and integrate those pieces.
Once that skill has been learned, we live with confidence and integrity. Opportunities unfold before us, and we recognize the weakness of those that use anger and fear to control our choices.
Welcome to Hypnosis Rising, your refuge in love. I am Brian Balke, and you can reach me at 805-775-6716 or on the web at Don’t hesitate to reach out – the life you deserve has always been waiting within.
If you are interested in “Bringing Your Whole Self to Life,” reach out!


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