Finding Mental Balance

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To those trying to manage mental imbalance, reliance on prescription and non-prescription substances is too common. Hypnotherapy is a sustainable, holistic alternative.


Hello, Brian Balke of Hypnosis Rising. Mental discomfort, whether temporary or chronic, arises because the parts of the mind are out of balance. Our thoughts dig a rut. “I’ll never succeed,” or “What’s wrong with me?” That is called “negative self-talk.”
While not a majority, too many of us use substances to manage our negative self-talk. Hypnotherapists offer non-chemical methods to achieve that result. Through suggestions, clients are guided into renewed mental balance – starting with peaceful relaxation that rises into the light of self-control and self-esteem.
If you have not tried hypnotherapy, I offer a 45-minute “Focus for Success” session that brings the benefits into focus. To Bring Your Whole Self to Life, Reach out!


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