Self Preservation

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Fear and anger are not just transient emotions. They change our brain, preparing us to seek new circumstances. Rather than allowing that natural process to unfold randomly, hypnotherapy ensures that changes in the self reflect our highest values.


While we think that children learn rapidly, in fact most of that learning is primitive. The harder problems come later in life: figuring out how behaviors and ideas work in the world.

So where infants focus on interpreting experience, children learn to control it, adolescents seek self-expression, and adults mellow into social maturity.

In adapting to new priorities, the brain only has so much energy to expend, so it reorganizes as we move through those stages. Idle connections wither, making room for new skills.

But if learning occurs throughout our lives, so too comes the frustration of failure. Paper forms are replaced with web pages, gasoline engines with electrics, flirting becomes sexual harassment.

To varying degree, such changes bring fear and anger into our lives. Those emotions have a specific purpose: they generate chemicals that take apart our higher thought processes. They undermine our expectations and character, giving us the flexibility to adapt.

Unfortunately, as it occurs naturally, that process lacks discernment. Hypnotherapy helps to guide that work, allowing us to be intentional in choosing how we confront frustration.

Whether you are stepping into a new opportunity upon graduation from high school or after retiring; whether you are facing a promotion or your confronting the collapse of your marriage; whether you are choosing change or change is being forced upon you: hypnotherapy allows you to preserve the best of yourself as you take steps to create the future you.

If it has been a while since you had a great day, now is the day to start having a great life. To begin bringing your whole self to live, reach out.


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