You Are Already Amazing

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Basics | 1 comment

After reading about an exciting advance, have you ever sought out an expert on the subject? You know, the kind of person who has forgotten more about it than most of us ever knew?

It is like exploring a cave with side chambers. They will observe, “Oh, really. That’s finally gone public? What do they say about it?” You try to explain, and they will look puzzled, as though what you are saying does not quite make sense. Then you are down the rabbit hole with lecture and reminiscence and just more and more detail as each remark awakens a memory.

Few of us grasp that, in a certain regard, we are all such experts. Unfortunately, we have a unique interest in the subject: ourselves.

Did you know that when you decide to have salmon for dinner, your body prepares to digest the meal thirty minutes before you eat it? That is why a high-class restaurant delays delivery of your meal. Interrupt that preparation and when the food hits your stomach, you end up with chemical waste that winds through your gut for the next day.

And of course that is unavoidable when you make up your mind standing in line at a fast-food restaurant.

The question is, when did you learn to digest food? A connection between conscious decision and digestion exists, just as the connection between your fingers and the decision to type “salmon.” Not surprisingly, we forget that early learning, which came long before we learned to talk.

The same is true for our emotions and the lessons our parents taught us about self-control. Or about muscle balance and posture that allowed us to exercise all day as children.

Mental and physical discomfort of any kind is often linked to unresolved conflict between conscious goals and the subconscious practices that manage our interaction with the world. Hypnotherapy is a conversation with that inner expert. In trance, you explore and resolve conflict within yourself.

When confronting challenges and frustration, remember that you are already amazing. Your subconscious operates a chemical system that makes most factories look like Lego kits. If that system is causing you trouble, recovery and success begin by engaging your subconscious in new learning. To “Bring Your Whole Self to Life,” reach out.

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