Relaxing Into Discomfort

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Specializations | 1 comment

One of the paradoxes of post-surgical recovery is that while the surrounding tissue is damaged, total immobility prevents the flows of blood and lymph that facilitate healing. Unfortunately, pain causes a reaction that makes that worse: the stiffening of muscles, intended to harden us against further injury, creates internal stress and prevents the flow of fluids. Our pain is actually amplified as the tissues begin to starve.

Here’s a simple method to relax out of that vicious cycle: take a deep breath, relaxing as you exhale slowly. Look into the pain. Send it gratitude: “Thank you pain for teaching me where I need to send resources to heal.” Then visualize resources from the entire body flowing toward the site of the pain.

While this isn’t the same as removing your hand from a hot stove, for example, it does satisfy your subconscious that you are paying attention to the pain signal. That allows the natural pain suppression circuits to come into play. You can be assured the pain will return if you put too much stress on the damaged tissues!

Along with laughter, hypnosis is the most effective natural method for pain relief. As a certified discomfort management specialist, I can help you relax into this technique, and bring many more to bear.

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