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You can seek contentment by suppressing critical thinking, but that’s no substitute for joy.


Hello, I am Brian Balke, and welcome to this week’s Hypnosis Rising video: Be Child-Like!

From the advocates of modern talk therapy and meditation, a common refrain arises. You are unhappy because you are too critical. Whether that criticism targets the world, your intimates, or yourself, happiness is to be found in renouncing hostility.

I would be silly to argue, but I feel sad for those advocates. I worry that they were never allowed to experience joy as children should.

A Kappasinian hypnotherapist knows children are always in hypnosis. The mind is united, and perceptions are vivid. That unity breaks down around nine as family routines come into conflict with social acceptance and success in school. Facing that crisis, our subconscious claims ownership of our behavior, and sends the conscious mind out to explore the adult world.

So why the critical thoughts? As a barrier to deception. During the day, the conscious mind store experiences. When we fall asleep, the critical barrier softens. The conscious mind downloads the day’s events. In the safety of our beds, through dreams the subconscious decides whether we should change the way we act.

Classical hypnotherapy simulates that dream process, with hypnotic suggestions pushing us toward change. At Hypnosis Rising, we will use hypnosis but also an alternative called hristosis. Rather than suppressing the conscious mind and bypassing the Critical Mind, our gratitude and celebration of virtue encourage the subconscious to rise into the waking world.

What motivated me in the development of that practice? Childhood memories. Running as fast as I could down the hill at church as a mother exclaimed “Look at those little legs go!” Scampering with my siblings across the boulders at Tioga Flats, memories that came back vividly when I overnighted there 40 years later.

Hristotherapy propels you out of a critical mindset. If you do not remember the ecstatic experiences of childhood, contact me today. Your first session will reveal the shallow futility of hostile criticism and the healing power of celebration and gratitude. Mention the word “gratitude” and your second session is free!


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