Conquering Cravings

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At the care of everything that we do is the goal of finding fulfillment. Why, then, do we pursue cravings until they make us ill?

The problem is that society places demands on your brain that put it at odds with your body. Your brain uses up a large amount of sugar, and craves the taste of sweet and fatty foods. Your brain also loses its edge when nothing seems important, and everything from alcohol to cigarettes to illicit drugs creates the sense that what happens next is really important.

The power of the signals in the mind can overwhelm our awareness of what is happening to our bodies. Our organs and muscles are things that we learn to operate very early in life. Our attention turns elsewhere, and when they are denied proper nourishment and exercise, they degrade slowly. It is only when they have become damaged to the point of causing us pain that we pay attention.

Hypnotherapy addresses this problem in the most direct way possible. Every session begins by bringing the mind into quiet attention before taking stock of what is happening in the body. At Hypnosis Rising, that extends to granting every part the permission to be heard and receive what it needs. We then remind the brain that the gut did a good job of taking care of its needs before the cravings took over.

The body is also where we carry painful memories, so giving it permission to speak can be alarming. Part of the work, then, is learning to let go of old emotions, blowing them gently out of the body and posting love as a guardian against re-entry.

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