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Convergence on Both Tracks

In archival training videos, Dr. Kappas was testy about "talk therapy." A licensed psychotherapist himself, he bemoaned the first-session tradition of taking inventory of all the clients problems, sending them home feeling even worse about themselves than they came in. Traditional talk therapy (Freudian analysis) was characterized as torture - essentially forcing the client to… Continue reading Convergence on Both Tracks

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Aging Grace

When at 35 my hair began to turn gray, my female friends teased that I better had start coloring it, With a roll of the eyes, my retort was “When it’s completely gray, I’ll want people to know that I’ve made it that far.” Now nearing 60 little of the pepper is left, and I… Continue reading Aging Grace

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Mental Wellness: From Theory to Practice

Dr. John Kappas, innovative genius and founder of America’s first accredited college of Hypnotherapy was an avowed behavioralist. Having surveyed the practice of psychiatry, he concluded that lay therapists, dedicated to the relief of client symptoms, were far more effective than the psychologists who tried to force their patients into theoretical boxes. But of course,… Continue reading Mental Wellness: From Theory to Practice

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Power from Within

Lee was chief executive of a Fortune 500 company. Used to working in a hive of thousands dedicated to translating his intentions into reality, upon retirement he wandered aimlessly in his mansion before deciding to run for national office. Some might read the story and shrug "Why not?" Others watching the unfolding campaign wondered "What… Continue reading Power from Within

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Quantum Time? Reversal!

In “The Cure Within,” Anne Harrington explored the narratives that have empowered the common wo/man to access the power of thought to heal the body. Universally, those narratives originated as rebellions against religious and medical conventions, and propagation was in the hands of a few charismatic individuals. Over time their published writings have given the… Continue reading Quantum Time? Reversal!