Sleep for Success


Unleashes the subconscious processes that make sleep restful, restorative, and creative!

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If you want to wake well-rested and full of positive expectations for the day ahead, this script will guide the conscious mind through that door. Your conscious mind knows what your goals are, but it doesn’t have access to the processes that focus energy and skill for success. The recording will empower the subconscious to prepare for tomorrow. The explanations motivate surrender to deep, restorative sleep, and activate the lighter, dreaming state that unleashes the full power of your creativity.

You learned the skill of falling asleep in childhood, but anxious adult life causes us to hold onto alertness. After the hypnotic induction, the script affirms what the subconscious knows about healthful sleep patterns, ending with a descent to deep, restful sleep.

Listen to this recording when ready to sleep, or to return to sleep after waking in the middle of the night. Do not use when driving or other situations that require watchfulness. It is designed to guide you into sleep.

As we teach children, falling asleep is a ritual. The Sleep Tips explain how to create that ritual, and how to avoid disrupting it. Use of the recording will diminish as that ritual is established.


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