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If your mind is a garden of tangled thoughts and emotions, I’ll help you prune and straighten them. Hypnotherapy goes below the surface, gently helping you to explore, clear space, and strengthen the qualities that you desire most. As you release doubt, anxiety, fear and confusion, you’ll find greater peace, clarity, enthusiasm, strength, and wellness. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and the world.

Hypnotherapy isn’t mind control, it’s a conversation with your oldest, dearest friend – your subconscious (the part of your mind that takes over when you’re preoccupied). As a scientist and empath, I guide that conversation by blending the sophisticated hypnotic techniques taught at America’s oldest accredited college of hypnotherapy. For the concerns that I can address, hypnotherapy is far faster than talk therapy.

Call me for a free consultation. Together we’ll build a self-improvement plan, reminding you in the first session to feel well in your skin, and then encourage the best of you to rise to the surface.

Let’s Bring Your Whole Self to Life!


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