The Value of Trance

by | May 7, 2021 | Basics | 1 comment

Spirituality is the negotiation of the boundaries between “me” and “we.” Unilaterally imposing “me” is megalomania; dissolving into “we” is schizophrenia. The principle that sustains balance is love.

Therapy is a re-introduction to love, and a conscious submission to its wisdom and protection. Everything that you need is within you. Trance is a state that allows you to explore and integrate those resources.

Too often, that seems to require a confrontation with past sorrows, lurking just below anxiety, fear, and anger. In fact, those emotions are a way of drawing attention to the inner needs of today. The gentle, balanced peace of trance allows those needs to be expressed. Once known, we can create a plan to satisfy them.

Do not allow the bizarre rituals of stage hypnosis to put you off hypnotherapy. At Hypnosis Rising, my purpose is to help you “Bring Your Whole Self to Life.”

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