Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

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The tendency to bond to narcissists arises in childhood, often when a child is required to manage a parent’s emotions. The result is a lack of self-awareness, which goes as deep as ignoring the signals sent by the body concerning what serves your organic wellness. Reconnecting to your organic truth involves learning to manage fear by channeling anger and avoidance for constructive ends. These natural responses, too often, were punished in childhood, so the ability to exercise them is undeveloped – to the degree that once anger is experienced, you may not be able to turn it off. When you recognize this within yourself and treat it as a skill that you can master, you are on the way to healing.
Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in this struggle: both for restoring contact with your organic being, but also for stimulating the subconscious to activate new behaviors in our dreams. Reach out to learn more.


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