Anxious About Calm?

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Does the thought of taking time off drain your energy?
Believe it or not, it can. Our body has two energy production modes, corresponding to anxiety or calm. They require different diets and schedules. The mode of anxiety is opportunistic and reactive; the mode of calm is routine and reliable.
Our default mode is set in childhood. Those of us that tend more toward anxiety are often driven to succeed and maintain control. Unfortunately, those behaviors generate resistance in our life partners. Sooner or later the strategy fails, leaving us reeling.
Establishing internal calm requires a dedicated effort. You may feel exhausted until you find routines that support and sustain calm. The value of that investment, however, is that you stop wasting energy with internal tension. People that work in the mode of calm are happier, more productive, and live longer.
If you are seeking a realignment from anxiety to calm, contact me. Hypnotherapy not only encourages your subconscious to change its energy mode, trance is a state of pure calm. It establishes a known that guides not just your waking choices but also healing in sleep.


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