Mind Management

Convergence on Both Tracks

In archival training videos, Dr. Kappas was testy about "talk therapy." A licensed psychotherapist himself, he bemoaned the first-session tradition of taking inventory of all the clients problems, sending them home feeling even worse about themselves than they came in. Traditional talk therapy (Freudian analysis) was characterized as torture - essentially forcing the client to… Continue reading Convergence on Both Tracks

Basics, Mind Management

Hypnotherapy and Polyvagal Theory

In the basic Kappasinian Theory of Mind, we all need balance between adventurous (euphoria-seeking) and protective (fear-avoiding) behaviors. The goal of all therapy is to establish and maintain a healthful balance for the client. In this post, I consider how Kappasinian practices relate to Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory (described wonderfully here). As emphasized by Porges,… Continue reading Hypnotherapy and Polyvagal Theory