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Hypnosis, but Risen

I'm 33 pages into a new book titled "The Foundations and Practice of Lay Hypnotherapy," and I've reached this horrible realization that I've been lying to people. You see, the "hypno" in hypnotherapy is taken from the Greek god of sleep and dreams, Hypnos. In the transition from waking to sleep, there's a brief window… Continue reading Hypnosis, but Risen

Mind Management

Tinnitus and In-Ear Peace

Tinnitus is a perception of sound in the absence of an external source. While if placed in a sound-proof environment almost everyone will hear something, to the tinnitus sufferer the tones are perceptible even in normal life, and may in fact be loud enough to interfere with normal hearing. The reported causes of tinnitus are… Continue reading Tinnitus and In-Ear Peace


Introduction to Lay Hypnotherapy

Introduction to the book that I've started. Feedback is appreciated. Throughout my working life, I moved among people that the public characterizes as “geniuses.” Their skills were analysis, reason, and logic. They were the scientists who tried to explain events that we can’t see because they’re too small (inside atoms) or too far away (in… Continue reading Introduction to Lay Hypnotherapy

Mind Management

Finding the Self in Prayer

Every path to maturity is concerned with harmonization of the self in relation to others. This is obvious in judgment: the claim “I am mature” carries no weight. Maturity is known in the eye of the beholder. The paradox is that “I” is a recent evolutionary construct and develops as an adjunct to early socialization.… Continue reading Finding the Self in Prayer

Relationships, Specializations

Healing from Psychological Abuse

The hallmark of an abusive relationship is being told that you can only seek love from the abuser. For children, the abuser cultivates shame - the belief that something is wrong with the child. For adults, the abuser makes a series of escalating "me or them" ultimatums that narrow their victim's social circle until there… Continue reading Healing from Psychological Abuse